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I'm so excited about this fest. My first fic is already out to my beta readers! and I've picked up another prompt and drafted 6000 words! I don't even know what's gotten into me. Maybe there's a writer lurking in me after all, just one with very few original ideas. Or maybe it's just that pure porn inspires me like no other motivation. Ahem.

Anyhow, I hope many of you are planning to participate! I cannot tell you how many great prompts remain unselected. Seriously, seriously hot prompts. Here's a few:

Prompt #209
Kink: Erotic letters
One to three pairings: Harry/Draco, Harry/Snape
Optional supplementary prompt: Harry (in his late teens/early twenties preferably) and his Slytherin partner are in an established relationship and are to be parted for a few weeks. They make a pact to exchange dirty letters via owl. Fantasies, promises for what A can expect on B’s return, A instructing B to do X to himself… it’s all good : )
submitted by: [ profile] who_la_hoop

Epistolary with a porn twist!  Who can resist that? [ profile] who_la_hoop submitted four prompts that made my jaw drop they were so good. Seriously go check them out - someone needs to write all four of them, preferably with Harry/Draco, but I will not turn up my nose if other selections are made.

Prompt #244
Kink:Listening to accounts of or observing sexual encounters of own partner with others
One to three pairings: Harry/Draco (bottom!Draco requirement)
Optional supplementary prompt:Harry likes to watch Draco have sex with others and/or listen to Draco recount his experiences with past partners - so that he can do the same thing to Draco right after. Something like sloppy seconds, or having the illusion of it. Would be even better if the other partners were people Harry knows.
Submitted by [ profile] vlvtnightmare

And check out "Gregomulchia" kink by the same prompter #136 - hot!!

Many many more (322 to be exact) at the HP Kinkfest 
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