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I felt the strongest compulsion to say THANK YOU tonight, and for once a comment post didn't seem like quite enough. We have so very much to be grateful for in our fandom lives. For me that is pretty limited to a Harry/Draco world, but I know many of you are involved in Merlin, Arthur, Sherlock, Eames, Boromir, Kirk: I don't even know who half of them are . . . :D or other Harry Potter characters and couples, canon and very much otherwise.

Anyway, please pull up a chair (i.e. track this thread) and tell me - what are you grateful for in fandom? Is it a person who helped you, or a site that sets your blood going, or a piece of humor that kept you laughing all week? Please share and comment freely and often.

I'll start... )

What got me going in this vein tonight was my gratitude for the great [ profile] hd_prophet. Week after week, month after month, our fandom sisters scour the interwebs and serve up the latest fic and art happenings, all convenient and handy like. I admire the format, the cute as a button banner, and the comfort of consistency and excellence.  I love the Editors Picks, and devour the Older Fic of the Day. According to the User Profile, the HD Prophet has just past its freaking 7th anniversary. Well done, ladies, you are successful and admired publishers!

KUDOS to HD Prophet OWNER [ profile] dapperderp

AND MUCH LOVE TO EDITORS: [ profile] mereol[ profile] coffeejunkii[ profile] yamapea[ profile] incognito[ profile] jamie2109[ profile] mizbean[ profile] silentauror[ profile] tarie[ profile] wook77[ profile] alaana_fair[ profile] sesheta_66[ profile] sassy_cissa[ profile] the_gubette[ profile] alovelycupoftea[ profile] nursedarry[ profile] cassie_black12[ profile] 6shotamericano


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