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Title: Only For The Lucky (7/7)
Author: [ profile] sunseticmonster
Pairings: Harry/Draco, Ron/Hermione
Rating: R
Word Count: 64,000/long
Warnings: minor OC death
Summary: Things seem to be going well for Draco Malfoy after the war. He's working as a professor at Hogwarts and makes the papers all the time for his charitable contribution to Muggle causes.But when Malfoy is rushed into St Mungos hospital for a psychotic break, Healer Harry Potter realizes that Malfoy's success is not all what it seems and sometimes luck can have more than one meaning.
Healer!Harry, PotionsAddict!Draco Theme: Luck
Author’s Notes: This fic was written for the HP_GetLucky Fest. Special thanks to Appleling for prompt and Amalin for being an excellent beta!

This author amazed me! The story mixes wonderful wit with true insight, and features the most wonderfully flawed, endearing Harry and Draco that I've read in ages. The other characters sing, and the detail and creativity will delight. Give this story a chance, you won't be sorry.
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Seriously, I cannot think of anyone on my f-list who would not appreciate this fantastic, glorious fic, which I was lucky enough to recieve as a fill at [ profile] hp_kinkfest. I won't say anything else - just DO NOT MISS IT!

Title: Spanking Malfoy
Author: [ profile] marianna_merlo
Prompt Number: 184 submitted by [ profile] geneva2010
Kink Showcased: Spanking
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy
Summary: Of course, nothing is simple with Draco Malfoy, and Harry wonders why he ever thought it would be.
Warnings/Content Notes: Mention of past corporal punishment
Word Count: ~ 6,500

Excerpt below the cut, in case you are not already convinced... )
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Have you all read this? Am I the only one who didn't even know about it until, I think, blamebrampton referenced it recently??

I just finished it, and recommend it highly. I loved it. The only caveat - - if you would rather avoid a rather brutal cliffhanger of sorts you might want to wait for the next book to come out first (it is #1 of a trilogy). But otherwise, go for it, you will not be disappointed.

There is a chapter named "Underwater Light". Haha! There is also a free prequel that is available as a pdf.

I really enjoyed Sarah's first novels, too, but found this one a bit more accessible and exciting. The first novel "The Demon's Lexicon" thrilled me, especially the ending which was one of the biggest surprises of my reading life, a reveal at the stellar level of "The Sixth Sense", but the other two seemed a little stilted to me. I have a feeling they got edited a little much, but who knows?
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I have a lot of catching up to do on Smoochfest - - but reveals are up!! I've added the author names to my previous post of 4 recs, and the good news is, a couple of them are brand new to me!

The mods and all the authors did a tremendous job, and more good news, the fest will be back next year.

I wish I had time to rec all of the great fics I read, but alas.  Anyhow, here's another goody for you:

Gift for: wendypops
Author: [ profile] moonflower_rose
Title: The World of Management (Or, Harry Potter and the Office Romance)
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco, Harry/Tea
Summary: Draco Malfoy is the heart and soul of the Department of Magical Games and Sport. The only thing standing in the way of professional bliss is his boss. And Harry Potter.
Rating: R
Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters herein are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No copyright infringement is intended.
Warning(s): None!
Epilogue compliant? Not at all. Re-imagined from the end of the last chapter, onward.
Word Count: 15,000, give or take
Author's Notes: Thank you so much to One and Two for the beta work, and to the mods for being nice when I was being a giant flake (and I don’t mean the delicious variety of Cadbury chocolate). Dear Prompter, I knew this was the one for me the moment I read your summary, and I hope you enjoy what I came up with. I’ve tried to include a few nods to Office Space where I could.

My Review:  Sexy, sexy men; repressed Draco, confident Harry, absolutely hysterical shenanigans at the Ministry of Magic. Draco is such a great bureaucrat, and Harry gets to take him apart and make him happy.  I loved reading this.
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It's been awhile, dear friends; I am very well but SLAMMED with work and all the other things. I always take on too much, and then my procrastination and lack of self-discipline kill my forward progress. For instance this week, I had Monday to get some work and volunteer stuff done, and instead I f***ed around and read LJ and went to lunch with a client, and pretty soon got nothing done. I'll be catching up all week, dagnabbit. I think I may be getting too old to change, too.  Life is rough when you create your own stress.

So... I come bearing recs. I haven't read very many Smoochfest fics yet, and hope to eventually get to all of them, but these were good and I hope you enjoy them, too. Let me know if I'm missing one that you liked.

Four Great Smoochfest fics below the cut... )
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Written for [ profile] dracotops_harry fest.

Author's Header:
Title: Let Me Have You and I’ll Let You Save Me
Author: anonymous
Prompt: # 135: Draco enjoys pushing Harry to the darkness, but he is ultimately the one to pull him back to the light and finds light in himself at the same time.
Rating: R
Word Count: 6K
Summary: Draco keeps coming back, and Harry keeps letting him. Draco can’t stay away, and Harry can’t live without him.
Author’s Notes: There are no warnings. [ profile] kitty_fic prompted Dark or Grey!Harry, but the Harry in this story is more Light!Grey!Harry. A super-special hug to my beta (she knows who she is). K, the prompt and the fic don’t completely overlap, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. I know I had a blast writing it.

My Rec (and Read the Warnings): This is beautifully written - I hope it cheered you up, kitty_fic.  Who couldn't love a fic that describes Draco's prick as petulantly pink (alliteration for the ages).  I think the Rating and Warnings could have been beefed up a little.  Draco is quite dark, and there is a moment of Draco on other sexual violence that gave me pause.  But definitely worth reading for gorgeous, complicated, powerful men, a wonderful magnetic connection and love, and great character portraits with development and growth.  Did I mention the gorgeous writing?

Harry loves England, but he once told Draco he’d forsake everything he has if Draco asked him to. Draco doesn’t because sometimes he wants to come home.
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I have my very own Faithwood fic, just for me, and I need to post it here so I can find it forever.  My prompt was hair conditioner, and Faith actually used the conditioner on... hair!  There is scalp massage, and there are other sensuous delights.  It's a lovely, lovely PWP, and I'm sure most of my f-list has already read it, but if not here is your chance.  This was posted by Faith back in February, so I'm behind the times.

Fandom: Harry Potter
Disclaimer: Harry Potter is owned by J.K. Rowling and Warner Brothers. No copyright infringement intended. 
Title: Conditioned 
Author: [ profile] faithwood 
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~1,200
Summary: Harry has a shower; Draco watches. Guess what happens next?
Warnings: random smexing!
Note: Written for [ profile] geneva2010, who guessed my hd_hols fic. Thank you, Cheryl, for the quick beta. ♥ forever.

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Hie ye over to the [ profile] hp_kinkfest, because [ profile] sara_holmes has just filled one of my prompts, and it is a BEE-Yoot! The kink is Acomoclitic, a preference for hairless genitals, and Harry makes sure he and Draco enjoy their little exploration to the fullest. You will not be disappointed - Sara has written a meticulous, perfect little turn-on. Well done, sister!

Really, really naked...   sigh, I love the kinkfest.  :-)
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My fellow Harry & Draco fans, you all should take the time to check out the author [ profile] fscottfitzteddy, who is posting her fic at the journal [ profile] flower_carnage. It looks like she just started writing H/D-related fic in late July (not sure of her writing history!!), and so far has posted 6 stories, some loosely related to each other, and all fairly short and very readable. You are going to love her Narcissa, and her Astoria.  Her female characters are fabulous, and she writes about very poignant, real-life situations in a fresh way, sometimes sad but never self-pitying.  

I fell in love with her humor when I read this Harry encounter with Ginny's husband on Platform 9 and 3/4 in her latest story:

Roman just nods at him, and Harry gives him this awkward mock-salute thing that he immediately regrets because it’s always kind of weird bumping into your ex’s husband. He’s gotten better with time, but sometimes he’ll do shit like salute and return to square one. 

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For the first time ever, I submitted an anonymous prompt to a fest, and it was chosen, and I was thrilled! I want to thank [ profile] kjp_013  for putting Pensieve memories to good use. Great job! Special hugs to her and to the Smoochfest mods - it was a great fest!

Title: All That’s Left You
Author: [ profile] kjp_013  
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco, Theo/Luna, Ron/Hermione, Ginny/Dean
First Time scenario: First kiss and many more…
Summary: Harry has secured a promotion at work and thinks his life is perfect. He couldn’t be more wrong. Join Harry and Draco as they discover why, and if, they should be together at all.
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): Angst (although it was pretty unavoidable *points to prompt*)
Epilogue compliant? Nope! No epilogue here!
Word Count: 7,200
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Now that smoochfest reveals are up, it's so sad to read again what I believe is [ profile] silenceberry 's last fic, To Save a Gryffindor, which she must have written for us while she was dying.

I've been thinking lately about how short life is, and how we only have so many chances and choices to get it right. I'm very sad about silenceberry today. Rest in peace.
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I've been told recently that there might be one or two people who cared if I rec something. Heretofore I have contented myself with leaving lots and lots of words, sometimes of adoration, in comment form, in many many journals.

Anyhow, you should all read Brick by Brick by [ profile] themaohour , over at [ profile] hd_smoochfest .  It's heartbreaking but heartwarming, and I was ready for it to be about three times as long as it was.  Draco, god, Draco killed me.  He's slightly mad but trying to recover from a horrible war and trying to find a his own way, and I think he just might do it.  Harry, Theo, Blaise, Pansy, Parvati, McGonagall, Astoria, every character is just wonderfully vivid, and the story reads like a poem.

Also, I learned a new word - jejune.  I love it when I have to look up a word.



Apr. 9th, 2011 12:27 am
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Glompfest is almost here! At last year's inaugural glompfest, busy [ profile] alisanne  took pity on my poor lonely prompt, and produce a fabulous fic:  Dreaming with your Feet.  I still go back to read it every once and awhile, as it is lovely, but more than that I was so thrilled to receive a gift fic in that wonderful generous fest.

Here's the PR for this year's fest - maybe I'll switch hats and write one of my few and far between fics for it.

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Spanking is my “kink” in fanfiction. I don’t know why. Who can explain their kinks? I enjoy vanilla boy sex, too, but there’s just something about a good slap that enhances the whole experience. I don’t usually care for severe discipline or non-con, although there have been a few fics that have gotten away with it for me, so most of the ones below feature what I would call erotic spanking – definitely enjoyed by both parties and usually as sexual foreplay.  I’ve gathered some of my Harry/Draco favorites here, for my enjoyment and yours. Let me know if there’s a spanking fic out there that you enjoy!  Recs for other pairings are welcome, too!

The asterisks are my rating.  If there are five of them, don’t miss it. In no particular order:

Spanking goodness after the cut . . . )
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Story I like:

And I Will Be Your Shield, My Love by Silver Ariel

Draco and Harry are temporary Auror partners.  They are working a case and Draco saves Harry's life.  Harry and Draco start to work through their feelings for each other.  Very romantic, very hot sex, falling in love, suspense, this is a nice, warm read.

How am I going to keep track of all these stories?  I know there's a lot of ways to do it.  Right now I'll stick with tags and rec summaries, I guess.
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