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I previously shared my "pants" fetish. Here's a few more photos of that ilk... if you are inspired to share your own photots, please don't hesitate.  Hope you had a great Thursday!

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For some crazy reason, I decided I wanted to find some sexy men pictured with dogs. Guess what, not so easy to find. I did find a very interesting blog post that talked about why men don't look sexy when pictured with baby animals. Something about removing sex from the equation and just ending up cute and cuddly. (unfortunately I lost the link to that blog post). Well, cute and cuddly is good, too, so today, Rated G, is an adorable photo of Chris Brown with a precious little pup on his shoulder:

And link here to a gossipy website with 4 more pics of hot guys and dogs.  Really, they are supercute, but not one of them sexy.

Tomorrow we'll be back to our regularly scheduled Rated R/NC-17 picspam journey for my birth month.  No more precious puppies - they are stealing the sex!
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For the first time in my little picspam month, I've pulled out a photo that made me think, Draco, is that you?  Maybe if we accept a Muggle clothes premise of some kind.

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Our pictures of beautiful men odyssey continues. Love you all, and Happy Easter Monday!
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I prepared another picspam entry for your Easter enjoyment, and post-dated it with that cool new feature of LJ, but here it is time and there is no entry. Nope, doesn't exist. Dang! Well, I'll have to recreate.

Today's theme is Underwear that's Fun to Wear (or Pants, as we properly Brit-picked Harry Potter fans call them). I can browse the interwebs for hours enjoying all the sleek, sexy stuff that is out there, and am happy to say that my husband is enjoying one or two nice boxer briefs that aren't just conservative tighty-wighty's.  There are a couple of blogs, too, that help direct us to the latest and greatest.  Google sexy male underwear and you will see what I mean.

(Edit:  My original post finally showed up - on April 9th instead of the 8th.  I've since deleted it.  I'm sure it was something I did wrong.)

So here we go, and definitely Not Work Safe...

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A mishmash for you all, my dears, first a little fun for us soccer/football fans, the infamous almost kiss between Gerard Pique and Zlatan Ibrahimovic that burst upon the tabloids two years ago. Afterwards, they denied any gay involvement, Ibra quite offensively when he offered to prove his manhood with the female reporter questioning him and her sister (ha ha), and Pique has gone on to engage in a very high profile relationship with the older woman Shakira. The photo is quite tender and sweet, though, hope you like.

First the tame lovey dovey photo, followed by not so tame, followed by NSFW - frontal nudity. You have been warned/enticed! )

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Somehow this photo is sweetly romantic to me. YMMV.  Not Work Safe.  At least not at my work.

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April means spring, my favorite month of the year, the month I was born. Kudoes to my family and friends for always making birthdays special.

I'm hitting a milestone birthday this year, and I'm old enough to not admit the exact age. To celebrate, I'll be sporadically posting some eye candy for us all to enjoy.
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Aston Villa versus Manchester City yesterday featured a little too much drink and a guy whose clothes were too warm. According to a youtube video of the event, this man's name is Sam Gorman - well, Sam, you are a fit lad and the crowd obviously enjoyed your antics. The reaction of the referee and the players is just as funny as the naked leprechaun.

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Pretty men, some doing naughty things - NOT WORK SAFE below the cut. I hope your new year brings you much love, happiness and inspiration. (Thanks to [ profile] phoenixacid for being the picspam goddess and advice on "how to"!)

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